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A Fly

A boxed fly; a fly in an invisible box

bouncing against no surface at all.

The box expands and shrinks

all according to the fly's decision

of when it should change direction.

The fly spells out the words of the song,

the statue.

And so I imagine a marble box, translucent.

I crave its attention and get emotional

over the fact that had I not been here

in this moment, I would have missed it

this silly magnetic dance of the prisoner:

the fly trapped in a marble box

of no surface at all.

But there was depth

and there was width in its flight

and that became the box

and when the box travelled on,

beyond the frame of my window pane,

I mourned -

There was nothing I could do to recapture my little prisoner

sitting inside my little box;

my double glazed glass display.

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